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   Club YN's may earn YN Dollars by completing any of the projects listed below. The YN Dollars may then be redeemed for prizes throughout the year. (This is for YN members of Tidewater Coin Club only.)

Projects:   (No due date. Bring them to a meeting when completed.)
   bluedot Write a "coin report" (like a book report) about a coin or other numismatic item that you find interesting. Include pictures, if possible, and as much information about its physical characteristics, specifications, designer, history, and any other interesting facts as you can. ($10YN) ($25YN if you give your report orally at a club meeting)

   bluedot If you have a State Quarter collection (even if it's not fully up to date), bring it to a meeting to be included in that night's exhibits. ($3YN)

   bluedot Make a birth-year set of US coins (1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, and 50¢) for yourself or a parent or brother or sister and bring it to a meeting. ($5YN each set)

   bluedot Bring an interesting item from your collection to a meeting for Show & Tell. (Tell us about it, where you got it, and why you like it.) ($5YN)

   bluedot Collect a $1 bill from each of the 12 Federal Reserve regions. Arrange them in a nice display or binder (with labels showing which region each is from) and bring them to a meeting to be included in that night's exhibits. ($10YN)

   bluedot Write 5 quiz questions for the YN Corner web page (this page.) Include the correct answer and where you found the answer.  (Bring the questions to a meeting and give them to Bob.) ($3YN)

   bluedot Create your own project and bring it to a meeting and tell us about it.

   (If you can't come to a meeting, send your project with your Mom or Dad.)